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January 5, 2018
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January 8, 2019

2018 Summer Breakthroughs

It is August, the end of summer and back to school. So many big breakthroughs happened the end of the Spring 2018 semester and this summer alone. It is truly a blessing and an honor to work with such amazingly talented people, my students and colleagues, and their continued support! At the beginning of May, I completed Phase II Teachership Academy professor cohort at El Paso Community College, and presented my research project at the Faculty Retreat in Tucson, Arizona.

While there, I visited Tucson Speedway and met some of the staff; a true delight and on my vision board to be racing there in the next year, two at the most. I brought my gear on the retreat to be prepared for an opportunity to test should it be. Some of the staff I met were very welcoming and encouraging me to come out race there.

The summer was spent learning from and receiving coaching from my chief mechanic, John Carney Sr., assisting him at the races with his X-mod, networking, and working with future marketing partners. Even though we have had many setbacks, we will NEVER QUIT and staying true to our faith in God that in His perfect timing we will be back out on the track in a brand-new truck, moving upward bound stronger and better. I thank Russell Allen and John allowing me the privilege to hot lap in their truck and car (respectively) to keep up my driving skills. We have had great racing out here at Southern New Mexico Speedway and encourage you to come bring your family and friends for great racing action every Saturday night, 7:45 PM at the SNM Fairgrounds. Next season we will be racing at the brand new Vado Speedway Park in Vado, NM.

I met some incredible people at these networking events forming new friendships, learning about new businesses in the greater Las Cruces/El Paso area, and helping promote them such as Dr. Dan "The Bowite Man" Wilczak from Optimum Health and Rehab LLC; Tony Prangner from Bopitradio.com, Griff Allen from Lost Cruces Escape Room, Lisa Rossi from Empowered living, Farrah Walter from Edward Jones; and so many more! Stay tuned for upcoming announcements. Remember, you can eat an enchilada one bite at a time :)

Love, Anji

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