Anji wants women to understand that they can do anything men can do while overcoming the difficulties that life has dealt you in the past. She uses her passion for racing to keep the love of her beloved late husband Steve alive with the race team they started together.

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How I
Got Started

From Enduro cars at the turn of the millenium
to being a social influencer for the Southwest Super Truck Association.

My beloved late husband, Steve, and I began our racing journey in the Enduro cars in 2000, at Southern New Mexico Speedway. In 2002, we moved into the Southwest Super Trucks where I was his crew chief. In 2005, I debuted my rookie year as a driver for our team. We shared the driving and raced asphalt (Albuquerque) and dirt (Las Cruces, El Paso, and Tularosa). After a brief sabbatical in 2007-2008, I started racing Super Trucks again in 2009. Forever grateful for having Steve in my life and all he did for me, we still race together in spirit.

Some of my accomplishments I am most proud of in racing include consistent top 5 and top 10 finishes in races, season points, and especially my first career win August 9, 2014! I’m looking forward to growing as a driver and team owner, and my future endeavors in racing. With the support of my crew and fans I have cultivated thousands of online followers and fans. I am most grateful for all our family, team members, marketing partners, and fans for all their support. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Hit the
Ground Running

Quality team members are my backbone

Team Owner: Anji Thornton
Crew Chief: John Carney
Pit Crew: Dave Hunter
Fabricator: Pat Carney
Chassis Consultant: Martin Robinson
Mentor: Rex Porter
Mentor: Gus Carney

John Carney began his racing career at the age of 15 when he drove for his father, Gus Carney, in a 305 Sprint car in 1979. He eventually grew up to race stock cars, rear seat modifieds, and later Formula Sprints. John's brother, Pat, also became more involved in racing as a driver, car builder, and master fabricator. John learned the art of engine building and car set-ups through his father's tutelage. Pat's specialty is chassis, welding, and fabricating.

John and Pat have won several track championships in sprint, stock, late models, and modified cars throughout their 30 plus year career at numerous southwestern tracks. Dave Hunter is Anji's right hand person, always assisting in the shop, at the tracks and other events. Dave previously assisted sprint car teams locally and regionally. Martin Robinson and Rex Porter are multitrack champions, engine builders, and chassis specialists, and fabricators. Martin raced street stocks, modifieds, and late models. Rex Porter raced mini stocks, Sprint buggies, Super Trucks, funny cars, and co-owner of Porter and Sims Drag-A-Way in the 1960's. The team have assisted Anji into up-leveling and improving her on-track performance.

Circle Tracks Participation

  • Southern New Mexico Speedway, Dirt
  • El Paso Speedway Park, Dirt
  • Sandia Speedway, Asphalt
  • Tularosa Speedway (Formerly White Sands Speedway), Dirt

Circle Track Classifications

  • Enduro
  • Super Trucks


  • 2001-2002-Enduro races, shared driving with Steve Thornton
  • 2003-Sabbatical, finishing graduate school
  • 2002-2004, Testing, Super Trucks
  • 2005-Official Rookie Year, Super Trucks
  • 2005-Current, Secretary/Treasurer Southwest Super Trucks Association
  • 2005-2007-Shared driving with Steve Thornton, Super Trucks
  • 2008-Sabbatical, illness/death of Steve Thornton
  • 2009-Current, Super Trucks


  • 2009-Finished top 10 El Paso Speedway Park, Super Trucks
  • 2010-Finished top 12 El Paso/Southern New Mexico, Super Trucks
  • 2011-Finished top 12 El Paso/Southern New Mexico, Super Trucks
  • 2012-Finished top 12 El Paso/Southern New Mexico, Super Truck
  • 2012-Finished top 10 Dual City Series El Paso-Las Cruces, Super Trucks
  • 2013-Finished 4th place in points El Paso Speedway Park
  • 2013-Finished 7th place in points Southern New Mexico Speedway
  • 2014-Finished 5th place in points El Paso Speedway Park
  • 2014-Finished 6th place in points Southern New Mexico Speedway
  • August 9, 2014-First Career win-trophy dash, Southern New Mexico Speedway
  • 2015-Finished 10th place in points Southern New Mexico Speedway
  • 2016-2018 Testing and Coaching with Crew Chief John Carney Sr. in X-Modified, Southern New Mexico Speedway

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